IT'S TIME TO "Step out of the history that's holding you back. Step into the story you're willing to create."
- Oprah Winfrey

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Why Curating Confidence?

I’ve yet to meet a woman that at some point does not feel worn down by the weight we
carry in our “enoughness stories.”

You know, the stories you’ve collected about your beauty, your weight, your gender,
your race, your capabilities, your status, your income…the list is long, and the stories
play loudly in your head on repeat.

But I say, that’s ENOUGH!

It’s time to quiet the noise of those stories. It’s time to “unlabel” them and let them go. To write a love song to yourself in place of that awful noise. A song that amplifies your unique brilliance.

It’s time to sing that love song at the top of your lungs and to unapologetically scream Hell Yes!! To you, your dream, your goal, your body…Because YOU’RE enough today, right now, and always…just as you are.

As a recovering people pleaser, from a place of true understanding, for how I have drown in that noise myself for years, I lovingly say to you…” it’s time to CURATE YOUR CONFIDENCE, to WRITE YOUR SELF-LOVE STORY and to own your AMBITION WITHOUT APOLOGY!



Together we can rewrite your personal love story.

(Yes, I’m talking about the one with yourself that you’ve been avoiding or neglecting for such a long time) .

Life has a tendency to be hard… (did you notice in 2020) and you’re likely a little bumped and bruised from the road behind.  Picking up some enoughness stories about yourself and perhaps feeling lost in what to “say” about yourself these days too. The important thing to know m’dear is that your road is still going and you are worthy of feeling confident, beautiful, and empowered just as you are today moving forward!

So If You Want to:

Than m’dear, it’s time to throw your inhibitions back with your beverage and Book a Free Discovery Call to find out which client experience is right for you!

This experience will transform your life in ways you would never imagine and I can’t wait to help you get there.

Curating Confidence