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Confidence & Cocktails

A Curated Community for the woman who craves more! Who’s ready to say F* Yes to herself alongside a supportive and powerful group of women

Confidence & Cocktails

A confident woman knows who she is, and honors the way other women shine as well. She knows what she wants and goes for it while cheerleading for other women to have the same. She lives up to her potential and lives out her purpose authentically, empowering other women to do the same. She feels at peace in her body and radiates that externally.

She is curating the best version of herself, on her terms.

Women are so powerful, yet we are more powerful as a collective! This a curated, dynamic, and supportive community to help you curate authentic confidence at every level. A community focused on helping you rise up while the woman next to you rises also.

4 Reasons to Join Confidence & Cocktails

I developed a curriculum to empower you in 6 areas.

These 6 areas help fully “Curate” you to your next level and include:

C – Confidence Revolution
U – Unique Body Clarity
R – Review Personal Style
A – Art Of The OOTD

T – Total Closet Clarity

E – Empowered Shopping


This is a virtual community with some in person opportunities

This Package Includes

* Payment plans available on all packages

This Community Is For YOU If:

I challenge you to ask yourself if you’re ready to do the work, to throw some gasoline on those embers you felt flicker inside you when you were reading this?

Are you ready to let go of your “enoughness stories,” to feel amazing in your own skin, and confident in your capabilities for the 1st time in a long time, or maybe for the first time ever?

Than stop waiting for permission or making excuses! Girl you’re worth it and I’m here to help!

Book a 15 min Discovery call to find out the full scoop!

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Curating Confidence